It's always darkest before the dawn.
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Finland, 18. I'm a bit odd and I like nice people.

Finland, untactful, and killing my liver.

I like photography, singing, literature, painting, horses, operas, and musicals. I remember most of Pride & Prejudice by heart and I can quote the Harry Potter movies. I have foot in mouth syndrome, no coordination whatsoever, and am emotionally disabled. I like to paint skies, my height is above average, and I aspire to be a bat lady. My parents must have been high when they named me, and I have an American accent that I despise. I’m part of the 6% minority in Finland that speaks Swedish as their mother tongue = I’m special. Or at least that’s what my mother says (not sure if she means it in a good way though..).

I love Florence + the Machine more than my own toes. Florence Welch is perfection.

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